Chocotravels was born for fulfilling the dreams of thousands of chocolate lovers not satisfied with tasting all the latest gluttonies the market presents every day, but that want to know closely the fabolous world surroundig the famous cacao. It means to keep in their hands the jellow-red fruits, to follow all the different processes that lead to obtain the so loved "food of the Gods", as Linneo called it. In one word our suggestion is to go deep in their culture in every way. So we propose to go and discover, virtually too, those far lands where the plantations grow, visit them together with their owners who will tell us their secrets, will talk about their problems and will offer us to taste their products. They'll get us the chance to catch parfumes and flavours never tasted before. We'll follow the history of cacao from its discovery by the Aztecs in Mexico: there we'll visit the places where this people lived for knowing their usages, customs and creed. Or following a more recent past , charmed by the everlasting spell of the Empress Sissi, we'll visit Wien at the famous Hotel Sacher where our accomodation will be arranged and we'll get the chance to discover the secrets of the maîtres patissiers by this famous workshop. Salzburg, the wonderfull city of art, can't be forgotten: here, through music and concerts, we'll taste the Mozartkügeln. All our travels are absolutely exclusive and different: the object is to offer a completely new way of travelling and dreaming. The itineraries, personally checked, have been thought for real travellers who will be able to appreciate the great work of research and of contact with the technicians of this field that is at the basis of our proposals. They'll love to spend their journey in the most selective hotels. A very prepared staff of tour leaders and guide will enrich their knowledge of this incredible and so loved world. All the tours are operated with regular flights of the most reliable air companies. Our offers are all over the world: Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Venezuela, Austria and Hershey in the USA. In Italy we present Tuscany and its fantastic tradition of art and culture, with the marvellous "Chocolate Valley" and the great chocolatiers as Paul De Bondt in Pisa; Luca Mannori at Prato; Roberto Catinari from Agliana and Andrea Slitti at Monsumano and a wonderfull tour in Sicily for appreciate the fantastic baroque and Modica, the small town where the chocolate is still made following the Aztec tradition. We can arrange personalized travels upon request too : please send us an e-mail. In a near future we'll propose Piemonte, the sweet heart of Italy, and all the small towns where many chocolatiers work producing an incredible variety of candies.
But Chocotravels is a magazine too where the magic world of chocolate and all that surrounds it is presented through a lot of pages devoted to the latest news and to the choco- manifestations. It organizes events to promote the italian chocolate in Italy and abroad and presents the first choco-school at the greatest chocolatiers' during many different "sweet week ends": they'll open their laboratories and will reveal the secrets of their art.


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